Fellowship Spotlight: Tete Narh-Mensah

During the summer of 2022, Tete Narh-Mensah participated in the Amgen program through the National Institute of Health.

Narh-Mensah defines fellowship as, “Uplifting and encouraging people with different thoughts, backgrounds, ideas, and values is what is going to improve the world.” These aspects are what led him to the Amgen program. He investigated the factors that contributed to preterm birth rates through this intensive ten-week research experience. “It helped me in my field of study as I learned that science is all about collaboration,” Narh-Mensah explained.

He emphasized, “I think fellowship means finding like-minded people or people who are open to the same ideas as you and pursuing a common goal.” Through this prestigious program, Narh-Mensah was able to interact with other scientists and policymakers. He recalled that these experiences completely changed his perspective in his area of study.

As part of the Honors College and EC Scholars program, Narh-Mensah has felt supported and opened to new opportunities. “Being part of the Honors College has taught me that you should always broaden your horizons and push yourself out of your comfort zone.”

Narh-Mensah recommends to anyone looking for a fellowship, “Be persistent about finding opportunities and when you do get those opportunities utilize them to the fullest.”

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