Honors College Student Council

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Honors College Student Council 2022-2023

The Honors College Student Council (HCSC) is a group made up of honors students, FOR honors students. The HCSC was created in 2017 as a representative student body to unite the Honors College cohorts, serve our community, recruit prospective high school students, and act as messengers between student and staff, so that every Honors College student can affect and benefit from the program they are a part of.

Fun Fact: ECU’s Honors College was the first in the nation to have its own representative student body. The purpose of this organization is to add value to the Honors College scholarship and what it means to be a part of the ECU Honors College.

HCSC Membership

The HCSC is made up four committees with distinct responsibilities, all managed by an Executive Board.  There are currently 13 positions on the HCSC, listed below:

  • Two executive board members: president and vice president
  • Four committee chairs: elections, programming, service, and marketing
  • Two coordinators: programming and service
  • Three at-large representatives: senior class, junior class, sophomore class
  • Two freshman representatives (appointed at the beginning of the fall semester)

Check out our current HCSC membership roster here.

Joining the HCSC

Students can become HCSC officials in two ways:

  • Fall Freshman Appointments: Every fall semester, the HCSC appoints two freshmen to act as representatives of their cohort. These representatives are at-large members, meaning they are not assigned to a specific committee.
  • Spring General Elections: Every spring semester, the HCSC holds general elections for all upperclassmen HCSC positions.




Get Involved!

HCSC Organization Fair

The HCSC hosts several events throughout the school year, such as the 2019 Organization Fair.

HCSC Events

  • We host many social, networking, service, and recruitment events throughout the school year.
  • Many of our events require attendants to sign up first. Check your email and the Honors College Instagram for upcoming events

      HCSC Marketing Support

      • ECU Honors students can request space within Honors College social media to advertise for programs/events/opportunities deemed appropriate by Kristen Martin, the Honors College’s communications specialist. Submit your graphics for Choose More Monday to Kristen by email at martinkr19@ecu.edu.
      • Stay up to date by following the ECU Honors College on social media. Follow us on:
      • Check out our past event pictures on the ECU Honors College Flickr page!


      Specific details about everything mentioned above is periodically released via email, social media, and stored within Town Hall meeting recaps.

      If you have any other questions regarding the HCSC, email our current president, Joanna Mathew, at mathewj21@students.ecu.edu. We look forward to hearing from you!