Signature Honors Project

Students are asked to work with a faculty mentor to develop a thesis or creative portfolio and present their research through the Signature Honors Project. This can be done at any point prior to graduation. If your discipline offers a similar capstone project, students are allowed to double-count these projects.

There are three different types of Signature Honors Project paths you can choose from:

  • Thesis-based
  • Creative endeavor-based
  • Group project which stems from your work in HNRS 2000 and 3000

For more information on the Signature Honors Project, please consult the manuals listed below. You and your faculty mentor will also need to complete a contract for your project, which can be found below.

FAQ for the Signature Honors Project

Do I need to come up with my own thesis?

No, many students work with their faculty mentors on their research.

Do I need to enroll in HNRS 4500?

The Honors College prefers you take an independent study course in your major. HNRS 4000 is reserved for those students whose major doesn’t offer independent study or those students who are working on a group Signature Honors Project.

Where do I get the forms?

Honors students are added to a Canvas course where forms and information on the SHP are available. If you need assistance or need to be added to the course, contact Jim Ellis.

What are the requirements for the Signature Honors Project?

In brief, you will need 6 credit hours of research experience, 2 presentations, and a final writeup. For more details on these requirements, see the Signature Honors Project manual.

Do I need to meet with an Honors College representative before I start my project?

It is strongly recommended that you meet with Jim Ellis before beginning your project to ensure that it will count.

Do I need to present at Research and Creative Achievement Week (RCAW)?

Yes, either a poster or talk will count as one of your two presentations.

When can I complete my Signature Honors Project?

Anytime during your stay at ECU but it should be started no later than the first semester of your senior year.

How do I complete my paperwork?

You will need to work closely with your faculty mentor to determine the questions you will be asking and how you will address them.

I have a more specific question that isn’t listed here.

For any additional questions about the Signature Honors Project, please contact Jim Ellis at