Early Assurance

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the health sciences, the Early Assurance programs within the Honors College may be for you! The Honors College houses Early Assurance programs to our nationally recognized Brody School of Medicine (MD) and to graduate programs in physical therapy (DPT), nursing (PhD), audiology (AuD) and occupational therapy (OT).

As an Early Assurance Scholar, you are guaranteed entry into these top graduate programs upon completion of your undergraduate degree and Honors College requirements. In the program, you will engage in service, leadership and academic experiences to prepare for your graduate work.

Program Application Process

For all programs except nursing and audiology, students must be current Honors College students in good standing to apply. High school students who are eligible for acceptance into the Honors College students are able to apply for early assurance in nursing and audiology. Current students are also eligible to apply for audiology.

Please visit the Honors College application website to learn more about applying for Honors, including minimum eligibility criteria and the admissions timeline. Once you meet the minimum requirements for the Honors College, the Early Assurance for Nursing application will appear within the Honors College application. You must apply for the Honors College and Early Assurance to be eligible.


Early assurance in medicine and physical therapy is only open to North Carolina residents. Programs in nursing, occupational therapy and audiology are open to North Carolina and out-of-state residents.

Learn more about each early assurance program and requirements for admittance: