All students accepted into the Honors College receive a four-year scholarship at varying levels.  The three different scholarships provided by the Honors College are detailed below:

Brinkley-Lane Scholars

The Brinkley-Lane Scholars award is the most prestigious scholarship offered at East Carolina University, and we challenge you to join us in an academic experience that goes beyond the ordinary. The four-year merit scholarship recognizes outstanding academic performance, commitment to community engagement and strong leadership skills. Recipients receive a fully funded education, covering the cost of tuition, fees, room and board for both in-state and out-of-state students and unique high impact experiences, as well as the ability to explore the world with a $5,000 study abroad stipend. Scholars benefit from access to an array of leadership opportunities, research with award-winning faculty and a robust alumni network.

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Chancellor’s Fellows

Chancellor’s Fellows receive a scholarship valued at the amount of in-state tuition for up to eight semesters, along with all of the benefits associated with participation in the Honors College.

Note: This scholarship is for tuition only and does not include university fees, room or board.

Centennial Fellows

Centennial Fellows receive a scholarship valued at $2,500 per year for four years, along with all of the benefits associated with participation in the Honors College.

Honors College scholarships are renewable for a maximum term of eight semesters of undergraduate work, as long as students remain in good standing with the Honors College. You are able to stack other scholarship awards, including those connected with Brinkley-Lane Scholars and discipline-based awards.  These scholarships may be stacked so long as the total aid does not exceed the cost of attendance as defined by the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Honors College students who earn a baccalaureate degree before the eighth semester of the scholarship may pursue post-baccalaureate study at East Carolina University using the remaining scholarship semester(s) under the same rules and conditions as undergraduates.  The value of the scholarship will remain the same.

All campus-based scholarships are posted to student accounts and should be visible via PiratePort in Banner/Student/Financial Aid.  These scholarship funds will apply against the university bills for Fall and Spring semesters as most aid (scholarships, grants and loans) are split evenly over the two semesters of an academic year.  When the university bills for Fall charges in early July, you should see the scholarship(s) as credits against the charges leaving a “net balance due” to the university for Fall costs. The same will happen for Spring semester.

All questions regarding the above should be directed to the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Early Assurance

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the health sciences, the Early Assurance programs within the Honors College may be for you! The Honors College houses Early Assurance programs to our nationally recognized Brody School of Medicine (MD) and to graduate programs in physical therapy (DPT), nursing (PhD), and audiology (AuD).

As an Early Assurance Scholar, you are guaranteed entry into these top graduate programs upon completion of your undergraduate degree and Honors College requirements. In the program, you will engage in service, leadership and academic experiences to prepare for your graduate work.

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Discipline Scholars

The Honors College is partnering with other colleges and schools at ECU to continue growing exclusive scholarship programs available to high-achieving students. If you are interested in majoring in business, humanities, music, or social science the Discipline Scholars Programs within the Honors College are worth exploring. The Honors College features Discipline Scholars Programs with our nationally recognized College of Business and Thomas Harriot College of Arts and Sciences.

Under these programs, selected students will receive additional scholarship support above and beyond the scholarship and benefits awarded by the Honors College and/or Brinkley-Lane Scholars Program, as well as special leadership, community engagement, and mentorship experiences.

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Graduate Priority Admission

At the discretion of Individual graduate programs, priority admissions strategies may be developed for Honors College students. Toward the end of their freshman, sophomore, or junior years, Honors College students may be invited to apply for priority admission to graduate programs at ECU at the master’s level. Upon application to a specific graduate program, graduate program directors will review and consider them for priority admission based on the student’s desired semester of graduate enrollment.

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