Does applying to the Honors College mean accepting admission to ECU?
No, the Honors College application is not binding in any way. If you apply to the Honors College, you are not required to come to ECU or the Honors College. However, before you make your college decisions, we invite you to visit campus and see all the Honors College has to offer.

Where is the Honors College application?
The Honors College application is housed in ECU’s scholarship portal, ECUAWard. Once you have activated your student email, you can log in to the portal at ecu.academicworks.com. The Honors College application will appear once you have completed the General Scholarship application.

Should I apply to Brinkley-Lane Scholars?
Yes! By being eligible for the Honors College, you are eligible for each and every one of our special programs. More information about the Brinkley-Lane Scholars program can be found here.

Are Honors College students required to live in first-year housing?
Yes. All Honors College students are required to live in the Honors College residence hall, Greene Hall, for the first year. In subsequent years, Honors College students may remain in the Honors College residence hall or choose alternate housing. The only exception is students who live within a 35-mile radius of campus.

Please note: Honors freshmen will be assigned to a room in Greene Hall with another Honors student.  Roommate requests are encouraged; however, you may only request a roommate who is also an Honors College student.

How long does the Honors College award last?
The Honors College award is granted for a total of eight continuous semesters at East Carolina University if the student maintains a cumulative 3.3 GPA and remains in good standing in the Honors College.

Do Honors College students need to be enrolled as full-time students?
Yes. Honors students must remain a full-time student in fall and spring semesters to be eligible for the scholarship.

If an Honors student receives his/her baccalaureate degree early, may he/she continue to use the scholarship for advanced study at East Carolina University?
Yes. Students who complete the baccalaureate degree before their eighth semester of the scholarship may pursue post-baccalaureate study at East Carolina University under the same rules and conditions as undergraduates.

Can the Honors College scholarship be stacked with other scholarships?
Yes. The Honors College scholarship can be stacked with other scholarships up to the “cost of attendance.” Additionally, the Honors College application is housed within ECU’s scholarship portal, which suggests additional opportunities for you at ECU.