Honors College Alumni Society

The Honors College Alumni Society is an incredible opportunity for alumni and current students to connect and remain involved in the Honors community. The Alumni Society consists of a large network of outstanding individuals who provide support in delivering programs and initiatives that reinforce the mission of the college. The point of contact for alumni within the Honors College administration is Dean Todd Fraley. Please send a message on our contact form.


The mission of the Alumni Society is to create a community of alumni, students, faculty and administration where the values of both the Honors College and East Carolina University are reinforced. The Alumni Society will provide a network that seeks to enrich the reputation of the Honors College and promote open communication for counsel and advice between administration and alumni.


Membership is automatic for all alumni of the Honors College or University Honors Programs. Individuals become members of the Alumni Society following the successful completion of their degree as member in the Honors College or University Honors Programs in good standing. The Alumni Society does not require any payment of membership fees or dues. However, recognition is dependent upon the involvement and support of each member.

Contact Update

We would love to hear what is happening in your life post-grad. As you continue to create new and exciting experiences please keep in touch! We also want to keep you updated on the current news and events of the Honors College! If you have had a change in address, last name, email, phone number, etc. please take a few moments to fill out this Alumni contact update form.

Alumni Spotlight

Our current students, faculty, administration and your fellow alumni are interested in the accomplishments of Honors College graduates. Please let us know about your career promotions and accomplishments, community involvement and service efforts. We love to sing the praises of our alumni! The point of contact is our communications director Kristen Martin. Please send a message on our contact form.

Purple & Bold – Alumni Newsletter

Purple & Bold is our biannual alumni newsletter. This newsletter will feature alumni and student success stories, supply details on upcoming Honors events, and provide updates on the Honors College as a whole.

Stay Connected

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