Program Benefits

Community Atmosphere

The Honors College is not just a scholarship—it’s a diverse living-learning community of dreamers, intellectuals and innovators. We want the Honors College to be your home away from home! In your class of 200 students, you will find your best friendships, biggest motivators, and an unmatched support system. We pride ourselves on a community across all classes and often see mentorship from the upperclassmen to assist with class selection, research, internships, and general advice.


All first-year Honors students live together in the Honors College Living-Learning Community, housed in ECU’s Greene Residence Hall.

Greene Hall features a number of unique amenities including:

  • Special event spaces
  • Easy access to Mamie Jenkins, Joyner Library, Eakin Student Recreation Center, Main Campus Student Center, Cupola and Mall, and all academic buildings
  • Programming spaces
  • Study and social lounge space
  • Ability to control heat & air in each room
  • Fewer rooms on each floor, leading to stronger floor communities
  • Music practice room
  • Walking distance of the Honors College’s Innovation Design Lab and Greenville’s Uptown District with shopping and local eateries
  • Steps away from Mamie Jenkins and the Honors College staff. Connections with staff are crucial to your success as they can help you find opportunities such as research, study abroad, service and internships that will enrich your college experience

Please note: Honors freshmen will be assigned to a room in Greene Hall with another Honors student.  Roommate requests are encouraged; however, you may only request a roommate who is also an Honors College student.

High-Impact Experiences

The Honors College offers students a diverse range of opportunities that extend far beyond the classroom. These experiences include:

  • Study Abroad
  • International Programs
  • Research
  • Living-Learning Experiences
  • East Carolina Heart Institute Summer Internship
  • Internships
  • Service
  • Makers Arts Residency (artist in residence program)
  • Honors College Student Council
  • Innovation and Design Lab

To learn more about these opportunities, visit the Experiential Learning page.

Priority Registration

As an Honors College student, you are able to register for all of your classes before any other undergraduate student at East Carolina University. Each semester, Honors College students register the same day as graduate students, increasing the likelihood of securing a spot in desired classes. Priority registration allows Honors College students to customize their schedules with the professors, class times and class sections that they desire.

Priority Admission to Graduate Programs

Certain graduate programs at East Carolina University give Honors College students priority admission to their respective programs. If you remain in good academic standing in the Honors College, you have the potential to be admitted into ECU graduate programs without having to take an admissions test or participate in an interview; you will also have the potential of reducing the number of credit hours required to complete your graduate degree.

Additional Advising

All Honors students have an additional advisor housed within the Honors College. This advisor will work with you to fit in your Honors requirements and help with any issues you may have academically.

One unique aspect of the Honors College is additional advising from your peers. The Honors College is a community of students across the four years at ECU. Upperclassmen are more than willing to support younger students in their undergraduate academics by providing advice on classes, professors or opportunities.