Internship Spotlight: Kaylee Warren

Kaylee Warren, a current senior Honors College student and JMP product management intern at the SAS institute, exemplifies the importance of internships throughout college. 

Warren emphasized that the internships she has done have given her clarity for her future career as well as understanding of who she wanted to be around in her career. “I always wanted to work at SAS, a data analytics company, and I tried to build experiences throughout my four years to find a way to get an internship at SAS,” Warren said. 

The summer of her junior year she was able to get an internship at SAS and has continued interning there this year. This led her to a permanent job with the company upon graduation. “It is honestly internships through ECU like State Employees Credit Union, Public Fellows Internship, and RISE29 that helped me gather the confidence to be able to apply to these bigger internship groups,” Warren said when discussing her path to her dream internship. 

Warren explained that her favorite part of internships is the cooperation and networking that comes from working with people so closely. She said another enjoyable aspect is “to have internships that show you how the knowledge you are learning in class is applied in the real world is unmatched.”

Warren recommends building your resume as much as you can so that you are able to build your skill set. “It is always great to try, you are going to meet great people in the process,” she advised.

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