Leadership Spotlight: Amrina Rangar & Elizabeth Chan

Amrina Rangar and Elizabeth Chan, both senior Honors College students, exemplify leadership in every aspect of their lives. Rangar is the Honors College Student Council President and Chan is the EC Scholars Roundtable President. 

When asked what leadership meant to them, they gave similar answers: A leader is someone who has integrity, serves by example, and influences positive change. Both of these women have upheld these qualities in the many leadership positions they have held. 

“Always do everything in your life with honesty because it is important for people to trust you and in building relationships,” Rangar emphasized when speaking about the qualities that she applies to her leadership positions. 

Chan discussed what is important to think about when you are a leader: “Showing up and putting in the hours so that people see that you are also putting in the effort and endorsing that program.” She exemplifies this in many different aspects of her life including academics, sports, extracurriculars, and the Scholars program. 

Rangar and Chan highlighted Steven Ballard and Todd Fraley who both share qualities such as listening, providing advice, and integrity. 

“No one had ever believed in me before,” Rangar remembers when speaking about Ballard. “Having someone that was already a good leader look at me and say you have good leadership potential really stood out to me.” 

Chan spoke on the impact that Fraley has had in her life both personally and professionally. “He has connected me with research, internships, and alumni.” 

Rangar and Chan have embodied these characteristics in their own leadership positions, helping encourage younger students to get involved and lead by example.

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