Service Spotlight: Matt Blount

The name Matt Blount might sound very familiar to you if you have been keeping up with the recent ECU student government elections. Blount, a senior Honors College student, embodies exactly what it means to serve the community. 

He began his extensive service involvement during the fall of 2020 by helping to start HealthDemic, which provided flu and COVID-19 vaccines to the ECU community. From there, Blount has worked for Beast Philanthropy for over two years as well as created a partnership between Mr. Beast and his fraternity, Delta Tau Delta. “I personally find fulfillment/purpose when serving my community and I have dedicated my life to supporting others,” Blount emphasized when speaking about what service means to him. 

One of the most impactful (and a favorite) service projects that Blount has done was as the community service and philanthropy chairman of Delta Tau Delta. He began a JDRF One Walk which centered around founding type one diabetes research. “My mom was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes over 36 years ago when she was a nursing student at ECU. Ever since I was little, I had a strong desire to one day help put an end to type 1 diabetes,” Blount explained. The walk ended up raising over $56,000 dollars for type one diabetes research. Another One Walk is currently in the works and will be happening March 25, 2023! 

Blount encourages others to get involved with the community. “My best advice is to take the first step! The hardest part in getting involved is just reaching out to do it. An easy way to get involved is to join student organizations on campus that have a service aspect.” 

Wednesday, March 22nd marks ECU’s 7th Pirate Nation Gives. On this special day, we encourage Pirates from all over the world to come together in supporting ECU. The Honors College is choosing to highlight our priority fund for this year’s PNG. The Honors College Priority Fund allows us to positively impact the lives of our students and support them in their research, fellowship, and internship experiences; service initiatives; leadership development; and study abroad endeavors. Interested in supporting service-minded students like Matt?

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