Study Abroad Spotlight: Sydney Cook

This past semester, Sydney Cook, a junior Honors College student, traveled to 16 countries in 6 months while studying abroad through the American University in Bulgaria.

Cook describes study abroad as both a growing period and a confidence boost. “You are able to meet people from such different backgrounds and cultures,” she described as a very important part of the study abroad experience. “It allowed me to go visit 16 other countries while I was there,” Cook explained. “You broaden your network globally.” Her two favorite countries that she visited were Jordan and Portugal, even though they are vastly different.

Although it might be difficult, Cook recommends pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. You will be very appreciative of the experiences that come along with doing that. “You really just have to start the process because once you land in the county, it really does fall together and work out,” she said.

Cook definitely took advantage of the opportunities presented to her and was able to see the world in a way that was only possible for her through study abroad. Her favorite memory was meeting people from around the world and hearing about the experiences they have had living in different counties.

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