Ford focuses on enhancing student access in role as official associate dean

Dr. Katherine Ford stepped into her position as permanent associate dean and director of the Brinkley-Lane Scholars program in September of this year. Ford has been dedicated to helping honors students navigate the ins and outs of being a college student during her tenure as interim associate dean over the past year. This new role will allow her to expand her scope and impact on each student in the Honors College.

In her new role, Ford hopes to be accessible for students. She wants them to understand all the possibilities that the Honors College has to offer them. Along with this, she wants honors students to recognize how these can fit into their schedule and time at ECU.

“I want students to understand what you can do here with your time,” she said.

One of her focuses in this role is on the signature honors project. Ford would like to better help students integrate this into their schedule in ways that work for them. Furthermore, she wants students to feel like they can come and ask questions about not only the signature honors project, but anything.

A key aspect of this role is coming to understand what is working within the Honors College for students. Continuing to better the honors environment for students is a primary goal of hers.

“I really enjoy meeting with students and figuring out what they want to do and what path is best for them,” she said.

One of her favorite aspects of this new role is meeting with students both formally and informally. She has enjoyed seeing everyone and hearing the different perspectives that students offer.

“How can I help someone to figure out something in a different way,” Ford said. “This is a unique season in your life and how do you take advantage of everything around you.”

Ford hopes that in her new position she will be able to make a positive impact on the students in the Honors College through her expertise and hands-on approach to advising.

Congratulations Dr. Ford!