Honors engineering student strives to better the community through innovation

ECU engineering student Rolando Rosado, top right, stands with fellow members of the Engineering World Health program this summer in Uganda, where he helped repair medical equipment. (Contributed photo)

Rolando Rosado is a dedicated third year Honors College student pursing a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering and a minor in computer science. He was a part of one of the first groups of Honors transfer students, which has allowed him to have a unique perspective on what it means to be an honors student.

Throughout his time in the Honors College, Rosado has wanted to strive for success. As someone that has been always self-motivated, Rosado emphasized the importance of having the support of the Honors College students and staff to help him along the way.

“The honors program has always motivated me to strive for success due to their continuous support and the standards they set for honors students,” he said.

He began his journey in engineering by working as a service technician at Ford Motor company. This job led him to become interested in having a deeper understanding of electrical theories and mathematics. He was seeking a more challenging environment that ultimately led him to the ECU Honors College and College of Engineering and Technology.

“Through all my coursework thus far, it has only strengthened my commitment and dedication to accomplishing my goals in electrical engineering; therefore, keeping me focused on thriving in the program,” he said.

Over the summer, Rosado had the opportunity to participate in an Engineering World Health program. This program allowed him to explore his interest in helping underprivileged communities while still utilizing the skills fostered by the engineering program.

“Being sympathetic in the eyes of people in less fortunate circumstances has imprinted my desire to reach my career goals that will enable me to support these communities,” he said. “This dedication and empathy are what drove my interest in participating in the Engineering World Health program. “

Rosado’s participation in this program and desire to help others exemplifies many of the qualities that the Honors College values. He has made it a goal to go outside of his comfort zone to test his own resilience and recommends that others do the same.

“The Honors College consists of many high achieving students who come from different backgrounds; therefore, I have always tried to keep an open mind.”

An important aspect of the Honors College is maintaining an open-mind and diverse thinking. Rosado hopes that in the future he will be able to start a contracting company that will focus on community outreach to allocate resources that will help with the betterment of humanity. This will incorporate many of the ideas that he learned from the Honors College and the engineering program here at ECU.

Rosado’s commitment to bettering humanity through his skills acquired through engineering and the Honors College are an inspiration.